this morning, police raided Greater St. Mark school/church in Ferguson, MO (formerly called St. Sebastian’s Parish).

community members had been using it as a safe space and staging area. police claim that the church is violating housing codes by sheltering protesters, even though the pastor has said it isn’t true.

please please please boost this. help these organizers recover the supplies they lost, and share just how fucking far these cops will sink to make the people of Ferguson suffer.

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Portrait of a Young Woman, Jean-Etienne Liotard 

Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer 

#they look like theyve been having a chat about u and u just walked in

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"Try to be great. Try to give extra. Try to be bold, try to invent your own reality, try to do what’s not been done before. Don’t even get started if you’re going to do some mediocre shit cause there’s so much of that. Don’t do it just to make noise, there’s too much noise. Give me something amazing, give me something new. Give me something I haven’t seen before in a way I haven’t seen it. Let me feel something, find some kind of magic. Go towards something that’s inexplicable. Give it to me, give me something that’s aggressive and gnarly. Chew up the world, come at it from some other place, but just don’t give me the same shit over and over again because I don’t want it."
- Harmony Korine on film making  (via filmvevo)

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fluxati0n asked:

You are gaining followers because you are helping people open their eyes to the world around them. I personally would not know the scope of the situation in Ferguson if not for your blog. You reaffirmed my belief that institutional racism is still alive and well in America. and I hope your blog inspires people to take a stand against the inequalities in our society. Thank you.

knarwhale Answer:



But I think I gained nearly 1K extra in 1 day because I was kind enough to remind people that there are those who can’t handle the news and I’m saying “it’s okay. No judgement here.”

Because I honestly want people to know these things, but I also want them to know that I care about your mental health more. And I do. 

I used to be homeless and couldn’t deal with it. I used to be suicidal and couldn’t deal. I’m still dealing with my imperfections. And I truly hope at the end of the day, that people want to live the next day, striving to be the best human being they can possibly be.

And that wasn’t a ploy. It’s just me caring. I don’t care about virals from this blog. I care that people know and care that I build a platform and safe place for people so I can reblog what’s on their minds as well.